Valsir: Coordinating beneficiary

Valsir is a company leader all over the world in the plumbing and heating sector, which has always been interested both in the development of sustainable solutions for its made in Italy range of product, and the implementation of energetically efficient industrial processes.

Valsir was born in 1987, in Valsabbia, on the route which leads from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites. Today as well as in the past, it is here that the strategies of this globally oriented company are defined.

Economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities are the strong presence in international markets a are the elements that have guided and still guide Valsir policies.

With an Academy aimed at training the professionals of this sector, a technical support before and after sale and in the construction sites, Valsir is always there supporting its partners.


The cooperative was born in 1995 (l.381/91) to combine social inclusion and respect for Environment. The activities and the services offered by the cooperative as far as ecology is concerned allow to promote people’s working, social and economic life and, in the meantime, to take care of the environment.

By means of innovation and co-operation, we reduce waste and consumption through the creative recovery and the promotion of human and natural resources.

A project of work re-integration and rehabilitation is prepared for each person. Work allows moving, learning new skills and obtaining respectable life conditions.

Nowadays the concept of “socially poor categories” has taken on new hints which include different aspects, thus including new economic and personal difficulties.



CSMT mission is:

Translating innovation into an application, combining the most qualified and international university competences and the concreteness traditionally typical to the industrial area of Brescia.

Allowing an idea to become an effective working solution.

Providing companies with consultancy and training services, in order to increase and improve their competences, so that they can be able to face new competitive challenges with an adequate know-how.

Thanks to CSMT, technology becomes “at your fingertips”, development is constant and innovation is changed into measurable, applicable, operative and profitable results.